Cosmic Vinyl is a shop dedicated to the idea that music does not exist simply to be consumed.  A place where whats on the radio matters less than whats on your turntable.  Where its employees and customers believe that music is to be cherished, fostered, appreciated, and celebrated in all its forms and genres. 

To that end, we buy, trade, and sell new and used vinyl with straightforward pricing and integrity.  We can also create custom, one-of-a-kind lathe cut vinyl.  

This is why we put on local shows for small touring acts.  This is why we encourage our customers to engage our staff in conversations about our mutual obsession.  We here at Cosmic Vinyl support independent music and its artists as well as more established acts.

Tim Malone, Founder
Ed Deane, Co-Owner
Liam Malone, Retail Manager
Tony Oriza, Lathe Tech, Sound guy