Custom Vinyl Records

I ask that you please read this page to get a better understanding of the services I can provide to you!

I'm interested and open to cutting any genre or type of music from iPhone demo recordings to produced songs to family speeches at weddings... really any type of audio that you're interested in having a truly physical copy of, I can commit to vinyl.  Whether you're a band about to go on tour and need a short run of up to 50 to sell as limited merch, or you've got a bedroom project and you want just one copy of your own record, please get in touch!

Stereo or mono.  High fidelity, otherwise known as hi-fi or hifi. 

Generally, the way this process works is you get in touch with me, we discuss your project and we can determine from there which size and speed record will best suit your needs.  Next, you will need to send your highest quality tracks to me either through our email ( or through our Dropbox (also  From there I will prepare your tracks for vinyl inside of Pro Tools with EQs and potential de-essing for the harsher high frequencies on vocals, hi-hats, etc.

This is a real time transfer so if your track is 5 minutes long, it takes 5 minutes to cut your track into the vinyl.  

Unlike pressing plants, there is no minimum order.  I will make you a single copy or up to 100 copies.  Get in touch with me for bulk pricing.

Send me an email at the link below to get your project started.  We will ship anywhere worldwide!